Thibault Lemaitre

I extremely liked watching #Avengers, especially with the immersive 4DX technology!

Really excited for the future of the #MarvelCinematicUniverse and the end of this Storyline in 2019! Brings to mind how we had to wait for The Return of the King or Matrix Revolution after #2

If you happen to want a good BBQ spot in #Dublin, @PITTBROSBBQ is great — added bonus : amazing selection of hip-hop beats!

The local theater had an outage 40mn into #Avengers (3D IMAX) - they’ve given us refunds and I’m now going to the next 4DX screening in 40mn… 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🎥 😍

I, for one, am pretty excited about the future of Snapchat…

[“The Future of Snapchat Looks a Lot Like Magic Leap” WIRED](

.@VoxDotCom: “Incel, the misogynist ideology that inspired the deadly Toronto attack, explained”

Facts: every time I finish reading a new issue of @EmpireMagazine, I just want to watch an endless list of movies!

This new issue of @empiremagazine is great, thank you very much!

The more I use it, the more I prefer Discord over Slack/Telegram, when it comes to chatrooms/communities

Protect yourself from Avengers: Infinity War spoilers with these simple tools

Happy Avengers Infinity War Reviews Day!

😱🍺 Has the Craft Beer industry peaked?!

As a fan of the TV Show, going through The Expanse #1 was a great discovery! I read on Kindle in combination w/ Audible, and it was a great way to make some progress faster! Going to switch it up by reading something different before moving on to the second book in this series!

Really excited about my 10am IMAX screening of #Avengers his Thursday, especially considering the first few reactions!

Still unsure how I feel about the Venom movie.

On the one hand: Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and I like the direction they seem to take. Almost like a Spawn/Punisher type of story.

On the other, the SFX look odd. And getting a trailer this late is never a good sign…

🏀 When the problem experienced in the industry at large start affecting @SBNationNBA and #BasketballTwitter, you know you’ve got a problem

Low-key still expecting/wanting notifications on @AppleMusic for when new @Beats1 radio shows are LIVE or available on demand — for specific shows you follow (@Soulection, Blonded, @OVOSound, @ChillyGonzales, Pizza Boys, etc.)

It’s very hard to judge “young hip travelers”™️ wearing sports leggings, thick white sports socks on top of them, with crocs…

Early morning and not a lot of people (or sleep) but it only took me an hour to go from north east london over to south west where the airport is! 👌🏼

Another amazing day in London, walking around Shoreditch/Hackney, and enjoying a delicious brunch with @DanielGiaco

Fully agree wih @Chartier on that one