Thibault Lemaitre

Another benefit from GDPR: con artists and growth hackers freaking the hell out! That’s what you get for unethical behaviors and harvesting people’s data without consent!

Series #2: Shoreditch Street Art

Beautiful evening in Shoreditch — solo though

Alone in Shoreditch his evening so — going to pick up some food at Boxpark

This is a Public Service Announcement: #London is absolutely gorgeous today!

Political J.Cole is the best J Cole (aka PolitiCole) Check out his new album K.O.D. out today!

That’s going to be an interesting state of the inbox when you come back in January…

Back from two days at Blockchain Expo — but still in London for the weekend.

Busy day catching up on work to finish that week before taking it eaaaaasy! :)

Good times last night!

Good morning #Kensington, you’re a beaut’

I took the train from Heathrow to Paddington and then the tube to High St Kensington. Walking to my hotel, on the main street, I realized that I was at the same exact spot where Shana, whom I’m gonna marry someday, messaged me on @OKcupid! Strong Amazing Memories from last year!

Feels good to be back in LDN

Shot. Chaser. via @Liamboogar

Liftoff, we have a liftoff on that intro @complexion

🇻🇳🤖🇨🇳👨🏻‍💻 Meanwhile over in Asia #Democracy

First sub-30mn 5k. On a freaking Monday!!

It hasn’t been a sunny day, but it’s been a pretty evening!

Ok I need to get back to a sun-filled country!

One of the busiest work-week I’ve had in months if not years. But I’m very excited for the short trip to London next week!